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  Apart from event management INTELLEGO is providing clients with intercultural trainings - in the UAE or abroad.

The target audience:
  • Expatriates arriving to the UAE who would like to learn more about the Do’s & Don’ts in business life as well as important cultural aspects.

  • Arabs who are planning to work in Europe or with European business partners and who would like to learn more about the European culture and
    business etiquette.

We live in times of rapid change and increasing international mobility and most of us have had ample opportunity to study foreign ways during our travels across the globe.

Knowing how and when to introduce yourself, knowing when to offer a handshake and who is supposed to offer it first, or whether no handshake is offered at all, knowing what to wear on which occasions, what kinds of presents to favor and what colors to avoid will definitely contribute to easing communication in personal encounters. This knowledge of customs and social practices, the often cited “dos and don’ts” of a foreign culture, is relevant.

Those who intend to work or study in a Western European country, however, and already have some acquaintance with this particular country and its most distinctive cultural features may wish to attain some deeper understanding of the underlying concepts and value systems. What makes up personal identity? How explicit is hierarchy and power? What renders status and what has the opposite effect? What is the understanding of success, of tolerance, of friendship? How much emotion may be shown? What does a request, what does criticism sound like? What can safely be laughed about and what is considered as embarrassing? How important is individual
privacy Equality?

How fluid are gender roles?
Being able to read the culturally conditioned subtleties of behavior enables us to take our own interpersonal skills one step further. Our responses are not accidental, but confident and appropriate - and we ensure long-lasting benefits from the meaningful rapport we build.

We cooperate with experienced international trainers  and all seminars are held in English or German.

Seminar locations are arranged as per our clients’ requirements. So far we focus on the UAE, Germany  and the UK as seminar destinations.

Please ask us for more details.

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